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Outdoor Education - Gulf Islands

Outdoor Education: Gulf Islands

Kayaking Expedition in the Southern Gulf Islands (3-5 Days)

The Southern Gulf Islands are a world class kayaking destination; they are teeming with wildlife, have relatively protected and calm waters, retain an ancient and extensive Native history, and receive some of the best weather on the coast. The newly established (2003) Gulf Islands National Park, plus a large number of Provincial Parks, provide us with a great selection of excellent camping spots to choose from and well kept trails to explore.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. is first and foremost a kayaking company. Our assets include 15 kayaks (Seaward and Necky), all applicable safety and paddling gear, and a 12-passenger van for transportation. Our staff are trained and certified by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC and are Wilderness First Aid Certified.

On our kayaking trips, students will learn:

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. is capable of coordinating the logistics for a multi-day kayaking adventure in the Gulf Islands, including:

Costs: $125 per student per day + HST (self-catering on the part of the client reduces price by 15%)
Dates: Flexible
Participants: Min 6 / Max 15

Gulf Islands Sampler (4-5 Days)

The Gulf Islands Sampler is much like the Vancouver Island Sampler in that it offers students a while range of activities in one great program. The only difference is that it this program is based in the Dry Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem of the Gulf Islands, versus the Temperate Coastal Forests off Tofino. Students can try their hands at a range of fantastic activities, including:

Team Building Exercises and Camp Set Up
Introductory games, Tarp shelter building, camping etiquette and safety concerns, fire construction, orienteering and more.

Wilderness Awareness / Survival Skills with Wes Gietz of Wind Walker Adventures
Students will participate in a number of fun activities throughout the day, such as a blind rope walk, gathering edible plants / berries, emergency shelter building / survival techniques, making stone boiled tea, a talking circle around a campfire, and more. For more info on Windwalker Adventures, visit .

Introduction to Indoor / Outdoor Rock Climbing
Students will try their hand at rock-climbing in Salt Spring’s Indoor Rock-climbing gym, then move outside to try the real thing on Mt. Maxwell. Rock climbing is done with certified guides / instructors and offers students an empowering new challenge.

Intertidal Explorations with a Salt Spring Marine Biologist
The Salt Spring Adventure Co. will bring in a local biologist for a 1.5 hour Intertidal Exploration Session on the Shores of Ruckle Provincial Park. Students will have a great ‘hands-on’ time learning about the Myriad Intertidal life that inhabits our shores.

Marine Park Kayak Tour (Gulf Islands National Park)
Your students will receive safety training and a paddle talk before venturing off for a 3 – 6 hour paddle. The Gulf Islands National Park offers bountiful wildlife (including porpoise, seals, eagles, vultures, whales, intiertidal life and more) a dry paddling climate, beautiful beaches and great walking trails. Students will learn the fundaments of kayak safety and technique.

2 Hour Optional Kayak Rescue Clinic on St. Mary Lake
Students will learn how to “wet exit” and recover from an unexpected capsize in the warm waters of St Mary’s Lake. This is invaluable information for future paddle enthusiasts.

Intro to Marine Biology with David Denning
David has an extensive background in Biology, Chemistry, and holds an M. Ed. in Science Education from the University of Victoria (1991). David is a highly respected interpretive educator in the field of Marine Biology and has facilitated countless educational programs for school age students. David will be joining us on our kayaking trips and will facilitate a hands-on Marine Biology interpretation program.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. can coordinate all trip logistics for the Island Sampler, including:

Total Costs: Approx $300-500 per participant + HST *
Dates: Flexible
Participants: Min 10 / Max 40

* Overall cost depends on the number of participants and activities offered, as well as the transportation required.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. specializes in planning and delivering seamless, unique, fun and enlightening adventure programs for school, youth and general groups. Read more about our Outdoor Education Programs.

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