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Love kayaking and the outdoors? Work with us!

We have completed our 2017 season. We thank all applicants this year and wish them all the best in the upcoming paddling season. If you are interested in a job for 2018, please email us your resume and a detailed bio.

Yvonne Poirier

Full-time Kayak Day Guides for Spring/Summer Season

If you are thinking of joining our team as a kayak guide that’s great! The types of guides we love to hire have these qualifications and attributes:

Our usual season can look a little like this:

HOURS: Kayak Day guides work 5-6 days/week in peak season. You will put out 2 tours a day usually. June and September you will not work as much, and July and August, you might find yourself working a little more! When it rains, it pours so we work as hard as we can in the peak season. Our season is short so we “get while the getting is good!”

Office Manager & Assistant Office Manager

If you are thinking of joining our team as our office crew, we have some attributes which are key:

Office Manager
works 4 days a week from Thursday – Sunday.
Office Assistant Manager works 3 days a week from Monday – Wednesday.
The usual work day is from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with a possibility of working a little more at peak season.

10 Youth-Group Multi-Day Guides for May

If you have the month of May available before you get involved in your summer job and want to go on some great 3-5 day kayak trips with some youth groups, this is the job for you! It takes a special kind of person to love camping and kayaking with a group of teenagers– here are some qualities we look for in our amazing crew or leaders:

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